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The Pbx NetPhone

It's InfoLinkTel’s Private Business Exchange. We use VOIP.It’s the First and Only 100 line Business Phone System in existence that uses Video, Audio and Text and its Totally INTERACTIVE! You can collaborate using File Transfer, Desktop Controller and our InteractBoard.

Soon Wi-Fi will be available in most of the populated areas of the country which will enable you to receive video calls on your laptop computer, wirelessly! But, look what’s readily available now!

The Pbx is loaded Full of Features , some so unique that it’s a “must” for every Business. As an example, your Pbx operator (the person who answers the call), can transfer video or audio calls to you within your office Pbx system or to your video netphone, no matter where you are; in fact, you can transfer a call to anyone on the InfoLinkTel system. Everything is Free.

The Pbx has Voice AND Video Mail. Connecting callers is a click using your Contact List.

It’s Free to download the Video NetPhone and it’s Free for Business people to utilize the Pbx NetPhone. There are no Phone Bills – No Long Distance Charges. Call anywhere, at anytime!

Businesses can now use it Free and their clients/customers can also use it with No Charges. The only qualifications for Business Use is that you must have a Website and you must put our InfoLinkTel – small block ad on your Home Page. You’ll need it there for your clients/customers to be able to download the Free Video NetPhone, so they can video communicate with you.

The Pbx requires that you use the same number(s) as your landline phone system. It doesn’t act with your phone company, its just evidence to us that you have a phone system for your business. You cannot have more lines with us than the number of lines in your landline system, unless you give us a business reason. We will assign you 800 net phone numbers for each of your present 800 lines. It’s all Free!

The Video PBX Netphone system does not process calls over the internet to regular (PSTN) phones.

Businesses can download and use the TalkByPC VSP100 Netphone Free. The VSP100 has the ability to initiate internet calls which are processed through Netphone2Phone, enabling Netphone to regular telephone service.

Start planning now! Meet and talk with Your Customers Face to Face. You can have your Operator transfer customers to the order desk or a specific department for the latest information and help. The uses are endless AND it's ALL 100% FREE!

Special Features

The VSP100 Netphone and the Pbx100 Business Video Netphone System are totally Free to Use. also offers their Sales Transactor software Free if you refer users. Click Here for Details. If you use the Sales Transactor it will be integrated with the Pbx NetPhone, so you’ll receive business sales closing features. The Sales Transactor works on a one-to-one usage. When you use the Special Features of the Pbx NetPhone, all of your Video NetPhone callers, automatically have simultaneous use of the Special Features, which allows two way collaberation.

If you want to reach more than one person at a time, InfoLink’s has that capability. You can use it for one to one or one to many. Click Here for Details.

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For information on how the PBX works - Click Here

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