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VSP100 NetPhone

The TalkByPC Video Netphone resides on your computer desktop and can be placed on your toolbar. It's totally VOIP (internet based). It's Free to Use - with No Charges! It's E-Z to use and FAST to download. InfoLink is about to bring a very pleasurable experience into your life as you and your family, friends and colleagues SEE each other right on your computer screen. So, tell everyone to download the TalkByPC software and start having fun!

Standard Features:
      Touch Tone
      Line Hold/Mute
      Voice/Video Mail
      Caller ID
      Microphone and Speaker Volume Control
      Automatic Storage of Call History - Calls Dialed/Received
      Phone Book
      See who's on line
      Speed Dial
      Audio Chat, Video Chat and Instant Messaging

Special Features:
      File Transfer
      Desktop Controller
      Digital White Board
      Interactive Telestrator with Laser Pointer

      Webcam for Video
      Microphone and Speakers for Audio
      Internet connection. 56k minimum.
      (Dialup or broadband Internet connection) (e.g cable or DSL recommended)

      Minimum CPU Speed - 450 MHz
      Minimum Ram - 128 MB RAM
      Recommended CPU Speed - 700 MHz
      Recommended Memory - 256 MB RAM
      Operating System - Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
      Requires DirectX version 8.0 or later. If you do not have DirectX       8.0 or later,
      download it from

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